Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, 
University of British Columbia, 2015-Ongoing
MA Economics, Queen’s University, 2014-2015
BA Economics,  Mount Allison University, 2011-2014

Invited Presentations
National Tax Association Annual Conference, November 2019
UBC Allard Law School Tax Administration Workshop,
October 2019
Canadian Research Data Center Network Annual Conference,
October 2019
Oxford Doctoral Business Tax Conference,
September 2019
Mannheim Tax Conference,
September 2019
International Institute for Public Finance Annual Congress, 
August 2019
Canadian Economics Association, May 2019
American Law and Economics Association,
May 2019
Department of Finance,
December 2018
Employment and Social Development Canada, December 2018
National Tax Association Annual Conference,
 November 2018
Mount Allison University Seminar, October 2018
Canadian Research Data Center Network Annual Conference (Poster), October 2018

Center for Innovative Data in Economics Grant, 2019
CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant,
Best Poster Session,
CRDCN Annual Conference, 2018
Doctoral Award,
 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), 2018-2020
Visiting Research Fellowship,  Department of Finance, Canada, 2018
Albert Whiteley Memorial Fellowship, University of British Columbia, 2018
Scarthingmoor Award for Best MA Thesis, Queen’s University, 2015
Canada Graduate Scholarship, SSHRC, 2014-15

Referee Service
Journal of Public Economics (1)