Academic Papers

How Would Medicare for All Affect Health System Capacity? Evidence from Medicare for Some
(Jeffrey Clemens, Joshua Gottlieb, Jeffrey Hicks)
Tax Policy and the Economy, 2021, Vol 35
Paper, Online Appendix, Data and Code

Cash on the Table? Imperfect Take-up of Tax Incentives and Firm Investment Behavior
(Wei Cui, Jeffrey Hicks, Jing Xing)
Journal of Public Economics (R&R)
Paper-July 2021

How Well-Targeted are Payroll Tax Cuts as a Response to COVID-19? Evidence from China
(Wei Cui, Jeffrey Hicks, Max Norton)
Paper-November 2021

The Spillover Effects of Top Income Inequality
(Joshua Gottlieb, David Hemous, Jeffrey Hicks, Morten Olsen)

Policy Outreach

I was part of the team of researchers involved in the British Columbia Basic Income Panel. One policy piece coming out of this was:

BC Income Assistance Trends and Dynamics: Descriptions and Policy Implications

(David Green, Jeffrey Hicks, Rebecca Warburton, Bill Warburton)
Research paper commissioned by the Expert Panel on Basic Income, British Columbia (2021)

A series of academic papers stemming from this work are expected in 2021.